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OF Series

Outdoor Commercial Advertising LED Display

Energy Efficient
Front Maintenance to save space
All weather resistant for stable operation
High brightness provide perfect performance

By using an Anti-UV module mask and an Anti-Oxidation module frame, the OF Series is very resilient to extreme sunlight and will not succumb to any type of deformation, warping, or oxidation.

To insure standards, the OF Series has passed a rigorous Salty Spray Test, an extreme Hot and Cold Test, a Waterproof Test and a Vibration Test. Patented IP65 mask design provides high grade protection that makes the OF Series dust and water-proof.

By applying duel channels for heat dissipation, the OF Series will have a long Service Life and has 3x the aging process of your typical L.E.D. Sign.

Indoor LED Digital Advertising System

Integrated Content Management Provider Using Wifi
Sharp Image Clarity on LCD Panel with LED Light Source
Vivid HD 1080p Resolution for Impressive E-Poster Multimedia
Tempered Glass Faceplate for a Sleek Freestanding Design

Our digital advertising display system offers the screen, and the software connectivity. Install the integrated management console on your PC and push multimedia to the freestanding non-touch e-poster. Avoid disrupting a public venue and wirelessly connect your PC and the commercial e-poster with an integrated console. Create dynamic messaging and push content from the convenience of an office chair. Each display system offers a simple interface for scheduling and campaign durations. Add distinctive weather, clock or calendar widgets for a personalized presentation. Incorporate text and RSS feeds for announcements and current news.

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